MiLB Analysis

This where I analyze minor league baseball prospects. I am trying to find lesser-known prospects who are putting up better skill numbers but the scouts haven’t written much about them.

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My Analysis

I take the universe of AA batters and pitchers, eliminate batters over 24 and pitchers over 23, and from the remaining list I sort by each skill, noting each skill’s quartiles.

The top 25% are excellent and highlighted in green. The next 25% are good (blue), fair (yellow), and poor (red). Here is how the metrics turned out in 2021:



(These numbers shift slightly from season to season, thus past player analysis in the archive will reflect color shading from the year they were analyzed.)

Most Recent Players

  • Ian Seymour, LHP, Tam
    Drafted in the lost year of 2020, the now 22-year-old Ian Seymour only has 2021 numbers for us to look at. How’s he doing? Hint: He’s a Rays prospect…
  • Jayden Murray, RHP, TAM
    And just who is Jayden Murray? Glad you asked…
  • Justin Steele *, LHP, CHC
    With word that the Cubs will be bring up Justin Steele to be part of a six-man rotation, let’s see who the Cubs have in this left-hander.