MiLB Analysis

This is a site where I analyze minor league baseball prospects. Just click the MiLB Prospects tab to see the players.

What do I use in my analysis? In general, I take the player population in question, and simply divide it into quartiles. The top 25% are Excellent, the next 25% are Good, etc.

It’s not quite that simple. I eliminate older prospects, and I usually eliminate players so bad there is no owner in any of my leagues who would ever consider picking that player. Then I divide the remainder into quartiles.​

For this web site, I took the 100 “best” batters/pitchers from each of the AAA, AA and High-A leagues in 2019, aggregated the lists, eliminated those 26 and older, and those at the extremes, and wound up with about 800 names each (batters and pitchers). Each category contains roughly 200 players.



Sources of Information


Where I get most of the raw baseball statistics.

Baseball Savant

Where I get split charts and spray charts.

Minors Graphs on Prospects Live

Where I get trend charts.’s Minor League Baseball Analyst

Where I get pitch charts

Most Recent Players

  • Clarke Schmidt, RHP, NYY
    A Top-100 prospect has made it to majors in a strange 2020 season even though he has very little time at AA, but here is Clarke Schmidt. A top 100 guy for my 100th player profile!
  • John King, RHP, TEX
    Jumping all the way from High-A to the majors in this shortened season, let’s see how John King got to the Rangers.
  • Antonio Santos, RHP, COL
    After never rising above Double-A, Antonio Santos has reached the big leagues this shortened season. In two games so far (as I write this), he has been hit hard. What do his minor league numbers tell us to expect inContinue reading “Antonio Santos, RHP, COL”