MiLB Analysis

This is a site where I analyze minor league baseball prospects during baseball season. I am trying to find lesser-known prospects who are putting up better skill numbers but the scouts haven’t written much about them. During the off-season I generally don’t write because there are no stats to analyze, and there are other sites that publish what the scouts say.

Once we get 2021 numbers (about a month or so after minor leaguers start playing), I will update the metrics for the 2021 season. Until the season ends, I will bring to our attention players of interest who are showing intriguing skills on the field. Until then, enjoy the off-season.

To see who I have already analyzed, just click the MiLB Prospects tab to see the players in reverse chronological order or to search for a name, or the Archive tab to see them organized by league, division or team. To see who I am, click the Me tab.

My Analysis

I take the 100 “best” batters & pitchers from each of the AAA, AA and High-A leagues in the most recent minor league season, aggregate the lists, eliminated those 26 and older, and those at the extremes (players so bad, nobody would ever consider them a prospects).

I wound up with about 800 batters and 800 pitchers. I then divide those 800 into quartiles of 200 names each.

The top 25% are Excellent, the next 25% are Good, the next 25 are Fair, and the last 25% are Poor. You can see below how the metrics turned out:



Sources of Information

Most Recent Players