MiLB Analysis

This is a site where I analyze minor league baseball prospects during baseball season. I am trying to find lesser-known prospects who are putting up better skill numbers but the scouts haven’t written much about them. During the off-season I generally don’t write because there are no stats to analyze, and there are other sites that publish what the scouts say.

Once we get 2021 numbers (about a month or so after minor leaguers start playing), I will update the metrics for the 2021 season. Until the season ends, I will bring to our attention players of interest who are showing intriguing skills on the field. Until then, enjoy the off-season.

To see who I have already analyzed, just click the MiLB Prospects tab to see the players in reverse chronological order or to search for a name, or the Archive tab to see them organized by league, division or team. To see who I am, click the Me tab.

My Analysis

I take the 100 “best” batters & pitchers from each of the AAA, AA and High-A leagues in the most recent minor league season, aggregate the lists, eliminated those 26 and older, and those at the extremes (players so bad, nobody would ever consider them a prospects).

I wound up with about 800 batters and 800 pitchers. I then divide those 800 into quartiles of 200 names each.

The top 25% are Excellent, the next 25% are Good, the next 25 are Fair, and the last 25% are Poor. You can see below how the metrics turned out:



Sources of Information

Most Recent Players

  • Xzavion Curry, RHP, CLE
    After being drafted in 2019, and dealing with shoulder inflammation that year, and then a pandemic the next year, this is the first year we get to see Xzavion Curry in a professional setting. How’s that going? Glad you asked…
  • Zach McCambley, RHP, MIA
    Another pop-up prospect, Zach McCambley has roared through the High-A Central league as if he were a man on a mission. What is his mission? Read on…
  • Matt Frisbee, RHP, SF
    Another pop-up prospect, Matt Frisbee help throw a combined no hitter early in the season, and that got him some press. What can we tell of this hurler who is now 24 year old and has never been high onContinue reading “Matt Frisbee, RHP, SF”