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(Players with asterisks have reached the major leagues)

Korey Lee, C, HOU

I wrote about Korey Lee last summer for (link $), but it’s time to bring him into the MiLBAnalysis family.

Tirso Ornelas, OF, SD

After a lost 2019 where he bottomed out in skill, and a lost 2020 to a pandemic, how much did Tirso Ornelas look forward to 2021? Glad you asked…

Joshua Mears, OF, SD

Joshua Mears is known for one thing, and something else — Joshua Mears is known for a couple of things along with — among the things Joshua Mears is known for are power, on-base ability, and uh, those strikeouts. Oh, and a little speed too. He draws walks, did I mention that?

Felix Valerio, 2B, MIL

Felix Valerio got off to a hot start in 2021, and then cooled off later. Which one is the real Valerio?


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