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As a minor league analyst who has had articles published on, I have learned how to analyze minor leaguers. Now I have written a book about how you can do this sort of analysis yourself. It is not just more of these player profiles you see on my site. It is, instead, a compendium of Web resources for anyone who wants to analyze a minor leaguer’s results on the field.

The book is 100 pages long, and full of graphics on just about every page. It contains embedded video, and links to other videos (see sample pages below). Each Web site is linked, and every person mentioned has their Twitter handle linked. This is a resource for the entire fantasy baseball industry.

It is an easy read. It has these five sections:

1. Minor League Analysis: What stats are best for minor leaguers?

2. Useful Web Sites: Where can you get those stats on the Web, and what does each site have to offer:

  • BaseballHQ
  • Baseball-reference
  • MLB’s Baseball Savant
  • Prospects Live’s Minor Graphs
  • FanGraphs
  • RotoWire
  • FanTrax
  • Baseball Prospectus
  • Fantasy Six Pack
  • Prospects365
  • Imaginary Brick Wall

3. Tool Metrics: Once you have the stats, how should you interpret them? Plus, how to understand a:

  • Spray Chart
  • Trend Graph
  • Platoon Splits

4. Analysis Sampler: Three players from this site, illustrating the method.

5. Random Notes: Handy information I have picked up over the years.

Sample Pages

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