Juan Brito, 2B/3B, CLE

Juan Brito does not do one thing very well. But, oh, the rest of what he does is special…

Video courtesy of MLB Prospect Watch
  • Born: September 24, 2001
  • B/T: Both/Right
  • 5’11”, 202-lbs
  • Signed by the Colorado Rockies in 2018 out of the Dominican Republic

The Numbers

His raw numbers are listed above courtesy of baseball-reference.com. Let’s aggregate by year then focus on the important numbers for minor leaguers:

Brito starts his U.S.-based pro career after the lost 2020, and he was with the Rockies’ organization. So 2021 is spent in Rookie ball, and he immediately shows his skill. He gets on base by not striking out much and drawing walks. Enough power to keep things honest, and he steals a few bases on top of that.

2022: Repeat

2023 High-A: Repeat

2023 AA: Repeat

He even had a brief taste of Triple-A in September. What did he do? You know, he got on base, he had more walks than strikeouts, stole a base, not much power.

Monthly Splits

Does splitting by month break that pattern? Naaaah.

Every month, with only minor variations, he gets on base, doesn’t strike out much, draws his walks, steals the occasional base, and has enough power to keep the pitchers honest.

He probably eats the same breakfast every morning and doesn’t vary his route to the ballpark. He’s steady and reliable. Month after month, year after year, level after level, organization after organization.

Handedness K% and BB%

A+ (vs RH): 13%K and 17%BB. (vs LH): 15%K and 8%BB.

AA (vs RH): 18%K and 14%BB. (vs LH): 14%K and 10%BB.

I didn’t both with Triple-A since it’s such a small sample size. Needless to say, whether he faces RHP or LHP, he — repeat it with me — doesn’t strike out much and draws his walks.

The Scouts


His 26.8% Hard Hit rate is low, and thus we should never expect more than about 10 HRs in a full season. If power is your need, he won’t fill it enough to make it interesting.


On the other hand, if you need someone to get on base, not strike out much, draw the walks, steal an occasional base…

Put Juan Brito in the dictionary under “steady.” He does not change. Not for you, not for me, not for any pitcher he meets. He just does his thing over and over again.

People in OBP leagues just swooned.