Alexfri Planez, OF, CLE

When the deep dynasty writers start mooning over a 17-year-old’s performance in Rookie league, you pay attention.
Video courtesy of Prospects Live
  • Born: August 17, 2001
  • B/T: Right/Right
  • 6’2″, 180lb
  • Signed by the Cleveland Indians in 2017 out of Venezuela.

The Numbers

Those are his raw numbers, but let’s aggregate by level and focus on the important numbers for minor leaguers:

In 2018 he was in Foreign Rookie league (not shown) where he put up pedestrian numbers. Then in 2019 in domestic Rookie leagues, he showed great power and great OBP (sounds like a great baseball Spider-Man saying: “With great power comes great on-base ability.”)

Allow me to point out the obvious: It’s just 25 plate appearances. He broke his hamate bone earlier in 2019 and he only played in 6 games. Well, he played in extended spring training as well, and the prospect guys got to see that, but we don’t have those numbers.

So what we want to see in 2020 is if this strikeout rate can be brought a little lower, if the walks can be brought a little higher, and if his speed will get utilized.

Looks great, but again, it’s an absurdly small sample size, so quit drooling.

This spray chart includes his foreign rookie league experience from 2018 as well, and we see pull power. He does have some opposite field power, just not there yet, but then he was 16 in 2018, so that’s actually a pretty good spray chart for someone that age. If he can hit it to deep right field as a 16-year-old…

Up, up, up. Again, this is foreign league and six games domestically, but at least it didn’t go down.

The Scouts


He’s only 18 and he’s had all of six games at the Rookie league level, so who are we kidding, right?

Can the strikeouts be kept to a reasonable level while the power remains?

Scouts say he is very raw in the pitch recognition department, so it will take reps before he improves his walk rate.


Why are we even talking about this kid? If you are in a one-year-league, hey, thanks for reading, tip your waiter!

Now that it’s just us dynasty leaguers left, here’s why you should care, courtesy of Eric Cross at FantraxHQ:

If you play in a dynasty league that rosters 200-plus prospects, stop reading this and go add Alexfri Planez. Go ahead, I’ll wait. All set? Good, now let’s continue. Planez might not be a household prospect name quite yet, but by this time next year, we very well might be talking about him as a top-100 type of dynasty prospect.

The upside here is a middle of the order force that can hit for average, plenty of power, and chip in double-digit steals as well. Buy, buy, buy.

Yes, he is very raw, and he is very far away from the majors. But he is in a good developmental system, and if he develops as the scouts expect he will, by this time next year it may be too late to get Planez on your dynasty roster.

You’re welcome.

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